Amazon Prime Movie “The Power Reset | Alles auf Grün” for SIEMENS

Idea, Concept, Script, Interview, Film Production, Photography


SIEMENS has a lot to offer. The Smart Infrastructure division provides smart and innovative solutions and products for a wide range of infrastructures in cities, buildings, energy supply systems and industrial plants, for example.


One major energy transition project is the town of Wunsiedel, which they have helped achieve a completely climate-neutral energy supply. This is a success story that SIEMENS can use to position itself as a thought leader. That’s why we and the Merkle agency were tasked with creating an innovative reference marketing case.


But instead of creating a case video etc. by default, we did something completely new: we conceived and produced an Amazon Prime Video documentary about the city, with Siemens by its side, accompanied by social media, PR and other campaigns.

Action Film

Such a pioneering story needed a pioneering content format: docutainment makes the story accessible to a broad audience and thus creates even more buzz. It is also important to know that Amazon Prime Video has extremely high quality criteria, which we were able to meet with our documentary.


The documentary on Amazon Prime Video still has an approximate 5-star rating, making it accessible in other countries. It has over 2 million views. But more importantly, this first-mover story created such a buzz that everyone was talking about the city and thus SIEMENS. This led to an extreme amount of earned media and we also won some awards for it.


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