Stylish marketing for art & culture. Content and videos for galleries, museums, artists, music & theater – for you!

Marketing why?

No matter what we call it: Cultural Marketing, Arts Marketing, Online Marketing for Cultural Enterprises or otherwise. At the end of the day, it’s always about one thing:

Reach target groups who are interested in the cultural product. And of course: to sell. We work with artists, institutions, companies and foundations from the cultural and creative industries:

Fine Arts

  • Construction & Architecture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Painting

Performing Arts

  • Expressive dance
  • Drama
  • Musical
  • Theater
  • Dance

Music & Sound

  • Electronic music
  • Philharmonic
  • DJs & Scene
  • Orchestra
  • Opera

Institutions & Events

  • Galleries & Openings
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Museums

Nowadays it is a must to promote yourself digitally and with good content through different channels and social media to reach your goals. Your work stands for itself! We help you spread the word.

Content, wie?

As a social media marketing & creative agency with a focus on video production, we help institutions and businesses in the cultural and creative industries to achieve more reach via digital and social media channels. With the right content, we reach existing and new target groups and ultimately the goals set.

Wir locken interessiertes Publikum in Ausstellungen von Galerie und Museum. Oder verschaffen Zutritt direkt von Zuhause mit einem digitalen Zwilling. Und lassen potentielle Käufer:innen mit einer AR-App dein Bild an ihre Wohnzimmerwand projezieren.

Wir füllen Theater- und Konzertplätze und helfen Künstler:innen aus Malerei, Fotografie und Bildhauerei ihre Werke zu vermarkten. Wir machen Tanz & Acts digital erlebbar mit vielen kleinen Social Media Nuggets. Und vieles mehr.

Content, wie?

At the core of our business is the production of aesthetic films. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on communication and strategy and take over the planning and implementation of entire campaigns or manage your social media – always in line with your budget.

There are hardly any limits to the design possibilities. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for the production of sustainable content for art & culture professionals.

Artist Portraits

Art enthusiasts not only acquire a masterpiece but also immerse themselves in the artist’s captivating journey and creative process. Our agency enriches this experience by presenting compelling video portraits, unveiling the artist’s unique personality.

Vernissage Films & Teaser

Immersing viewers in the exhibition’s timeless essence, we create captivating videos that capture the artistic brilliance. Our visually enticing films act as promotional tools, amplifying interest and allure for vernissages.

Gallery Videos

In the competitive gallery sector, standing out is vital. Our expertise lies in producing authentic films that showcase your gallery’s distinct features, capturing the essence of your artistic offerings and ensuring a prominent digital presence.

Augmented Reality App

Enhancing the buying experience, an innovative AR app empowers potential buyers to project artworks onto their walls. Seamlessly integrating into various settings, including galleries, it revolutionizes the way art is perceived and appreciated.

Museum Digital Twin

Museums have faced challenges amid the pandemic, with empty halls and diminished revenue. Enter the digital twin — an online accessible, 3D museum experience. This dynamic platform allows for ongoing exhibition adaptations, captivating audiences worldwide.

Concert Recording

While nothing compares to the energy of live concerts, we preserve and share those moments through meticulously recorded videos. Relive the magic and emotions of performances, captivating music enthusiasts worldwide.


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