Awareness Campaign “Yourself” for NORTH KITEBOARDING

Situation & Task

NORTH KITEBOARDING is a leading water sports brand and delivers high quality products for sports and lifestyle.

Due to the highly competitive industry, the brand needs to position itself clearly and gain the attention of its target group: People who feel the urge to occasionally break away from “normal life” to enjoy the freedom of the world and its beauty.


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Action & Result

We created an awareness video campaign on Facebook and other platforms around a storyline that portrays kitesurfing as a temporary break from societal norms towards more simplicity and closeness to nature.

For this we traveled to Cape Town, one of the best surfing spots in the world, and worked with models but amateur riders. Cinematography and post-production juxtapose urban stress and natural freedom to create a unique effect.

The campaign organically reached a five-figure viewership due to its compelling video narrative.


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