Digital Live Event “OOTB” and Activation for PIRATEx

Situation & Task

For over 10 years, PIRATEX has been producing memorable event experiences across industries. And then came 2020 and the Corona crisis.

The brand needed solutions fast to sustain itself in an industry that was among the hardest hit: events. And that’s where we came in.

Action & Result

The first step was to promote the event. People needed to know it was going to be held online and how they could get there. We wanted them to be excited. So we created multiple content assets from the awareness to the interest phase to get the public in the funnel. Through our Optimized Content Creation (OCC) approach, we were able to create multiple video assets for the event in the same pass.

In the second step, we then delivered a concept to fully digitize PIRATEX’s OOTB startup event. We combined a talk show livestream setup including multiple cameras, video, audio and event technology with remote protagonists and finally brought the whole package online on Youtube and embedded it on the landing page.

With only 40 people on site, about 20,000 people clicked into the livestream and up to 3,000 watched the entire broadcast. Engagement across the content reached 6 figures. It was a complete success.


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