Short Film Commercial “DreaMobility” for SIEMENS

Idea, Concept, Script, Film Production, Post Production


Siemens is a renowned brand and a leading provider of innovative technologies, which is also involved in the development of comprehensive solutions in the field of electromobility.


The product range in terms of eMobility at SIEMENS is versatile. However, what was lacking until now was the awareness on the part of the customers that the said product exists. We were asked to take the first step towards more product awareness.

Action Advise

As the central film of an awareness campaign, we conceived and produced a light-footed commercial that cleverly weaves various use cases of electromobility and the associated charging solutions together into a storyline.

Action Creation

After the concepts were approved, the production planning followed. Actors had to be cast, locations scouted and the shooting schedule for the commercial drawn up. The two-minute film was shot in four days.


The advertising film found excellent application at many customer touchpoints. On Youtube, website, LinkedIn, but also at trade fairs and other platforms. For a first step towards awareness, it was just the right thing to make a short film commercial. Further content is in planning.


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