Campaign “We create the atmosphere.” for ZEHNDER

Situation & Task

ZEHNDER is a leading international supplier of healthy and comfortable indoor climate solutions. Highly innovative products, yes! But no real customer awareness yet.

So we created a global B2B2C awareness campaign that triggers real awareness!


Everyone knows the feeling when you feel so damn good that you suddenly start singing along to your favorite song – privately and unseen, at home. With the goal of making viral awareness videos the core of the campaign, we created the idea of “Dancing” in combination with the claim “We create the atmosphere. You rock the house.” with the agency NAMICS.

To bring the idea to life, we brought together a highly creative production team and professional actors (matching the target groups). This allowed us not only to shoot seven brilliant clips, but also to create lots of additional content.

The campaign has just launched and will run gradually in different countries around the world over the next two years.


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