Social Media Content “The Masked Dancer” for SEVEN.ONE

Content Ideas, Concept, Social Media Team, Video Production


SEVEN.ONE or PROSIEBEN is an established brand in the entertainment and media industry. Among other things, it includes the TV show “The Masked Dancer”.


The TV show “The Masked Dancer” needs a huge TV production. As a social media content team, we were asked for the exact opposite: catchy and authentic backstage content for TikTok and Insta.


We developed uncomplicated content video concepts in advance that would showcase the stars in a genuine and authentic way. In addition, we put together a social content-optimized, fast-acting team that produced the catchy content with smartphones, cameras and other necessary equipment while the big show was being recorded next door.


Authentically funny TikTok and Instagram reels and videos were the result. Quickly edited and easily prepared for the social media audience, the 10 or so clips were streamed and promoted on the appropriate channels and garnered 7-figure views.


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