Campaign “115 Av.” and Content Creation for HUGO BOSS

Situation & Task

As one of the fashion industry’s leading business and lifestyle brands, HUGO BOSS is constantly reinventing itself. Therewith, also the design of the flagship store in Paris.

Our task: to bring the new store identity to the people – in Paris and around the world.

Action & Result

First, we created a targeted, attention-grabbing Instagram video campaign that adhered to traditional targeting while whetting the appetite for the “new.” To visually highlight the redesigned interior and its hidden technological features, we worked with straightforward camera movements and created a clean, fresh look in color grading.

Second, we promoted visibility throughout the funnel across multiple networks, channels and platforms with our Optimized Content Creation (OCC) approach by creating content assets for public relations, including press releases, expert blogs and fashion news.

Ultimately, the campaign and content reached over 100,000 people in Paris and many millions worldwide. They generated above-average traffic for HUGO BOSS.


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