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Siemens is a visionary company with a pioneering spirit, developing innovative technologies and solutions that enable diverse ventures to become more sustainable, making our world a better place to live in the long term.


Companies, cities, regions, energy networks and infrastructures are becoming more sustainable with the help of SIEMENS. Be it because they save energy, produce less waste heat, or optimize other infrastructure and building processes through smart building technologies. Success stories like these have to be told with good content at the right touchpoints. We were given this task.

Action Concept

First we made an overview of the strategy and different target group touchpoints in the marketing funnel. Then we started the ideation and conception of different content. Be it reference film, portrait photos, landing page.

Action Produce

After approval of the concepts, an efficient content and film production was planned and implemented on site with the various clients. This resulted in diverse content that was processed in post-production and copywriting and then played out in various forms (e.g. film, text, infographics, animations, photos, etc.) on the corresponding platforms and landing pages.


Thanks to the professional productions and the resulting high-quality, versatile content, SIEMENS was able to optimize the marketing funnel. Whether via Youtube, LinkedIn, landing page, or similar, the content already has six-figure views and there is no end in sight. More success stories are in the pipeline.


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