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STREET ONE is an internationally known fashion brand whose business runs primarily through regular customers. At the same time, however, the need for social media is becoming increasingly clear.


Of course, STREET ONE knows social media. But it could be more qualitative. We were hired to create a completely new social media presence on Instagram and Facebook on the one hand, and to design and produce the first new content formats that work on the other. For the image and for sales.

Action Work

In a joint workshop and its follow-up, we worked out a new social media strategy, especially for Instagram and Facebook, a more modern look and different content ideas and formats that could work well on the said platforms.

Action Creation

This was followed by the creation of the content concept, in which the format ideas were detailed into production-ready concepts. Among other things, storyboards, scripts and video texts, photo mood boards, animation and design templates, and everything else that is necessary for an optimized content creation were created. From this, the production plan was created.

Action Produce

For the content production, the film and video production were combined with the photo production to form two media days. On these days, a team of about 15 people consisting of director, camerawoman, photographer, make-up artist, models and others worked according to the shooting schedule set by the producers. In post-production, the previously planned content formats were then created from all the different content.


More than 100 content assets were created, with which STREET ONE was able to significantly increase calls, clicks, views and sales (acquisition of new customers and conversion of existing customers). Above all, the image was brought to a modern, social media affine level with content formats that are fashionable on the one hand and offer interesting content on the other.


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